The Initial 2 Day Course


  • all materials
  • training manuals
  • accommodation
  • food
The training venue is here at The Grange. The hotel is one mile away.
  • The Management Consultancy marketplace, the size, the growth, the opportunities
  • Business Expansion Consultancy – the benefits to our clients
  • The 10 options for growth
  • Workshops on the features of all 10 options
  • The Expansion processes & Systems software
  • The templates and their uses
  • How to present Expansion Consultancy
  • Using the Business Growth Audit
  • How franchising works
  • The different types of franchise
  • What can be franchised?
  • The profit potential for franchisors
  • The boardroom presentation
  • How to write proposals that end up as contracts!
  • Managing Expansion & Franchising projects
  • Developing group potential & marketing
  • Our fee income structure
  • Building your database and planning for the future

The Follow-up Courses

2 x 1 day follow-up courses in the first 6 months.
These courses will cover the following areas:
  • Expansion & Franchise success stories
  • New Expansion projects in the pipeline
  • New areas of opportunity for our consultants
  • Presentations from:
    – successful clients
    – Solicitors on the legal aspects of franchising & Licensing
    – Trademark & Patent agents
    – Accountants on growth & acquisition tax implications
    – Acquisition specialists
    – Major finance sources
  • How to win more Expansion projects
  • Developing more consultancy work within our client projects
  • Growing the Network Consultancy skills database
  • Improving presentation skills
  • The International marketplace and the potential for you
  • Negotiating skills – including Emotive Linguistics Selling
    (the skill of asking questions)

After this 6 month training programme, which includes workshops and challenges on Skype and Webinar (individually and group)
you will have:

  • The skills and knowledge of Expansion Consultancy
  • The skills and knowledge of Franchising
  • The tips and techniques for success
  • The confidence to help board members make an informed decision on which expansion option is right for them
  • You will be able to implement a full franchise programme from start up to recruitment (by yourself or as a team based project).