Recently a good friend of mine, a Management Consultant, confided that he was looking for something to add to his business portfolio as finding new work was slow. He explained that when he was working, he didn’t have time for marketing, and when he was marketing himself he didn’t earn any money. A classic Catch 22 situation! Look at the features of our training programme to understand how we can help you solve this problem.

I told him more about myself. After 18 successful years in Quality Management Consultancy, with a staff of 37, I sold out to my partners and during a year off in 1991 discovered Franchising and Expansion Consultancy.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE! For over 20 years I have never had to advertise. I work with just 3 or 4 clients a year; have never earned less than £70k p.a. working from home at my own pace. I help Companies grow by either Franchising or Licensing or Acquisitions. The work is very satisfying and clients’ staff see me as a friend to help them grow their businesses, not as a threat.

I earn extra income from a raft of add-ons, such as marketing consultancy, logistics, systems improvement, printing, mentoring and coaching, business plans, cost reduction, market research and franchise recruitment.

Have a look around the website to appreciate my approach to franchising and business expansion, see some of my clients or to view me talking about franchising on Channel 4 to Accountants …
“Can Franchising be a Success?”.
Watch Video (opens in separate page).

I have now set up a yearly licensed training programme in Franchise and Expansion Consultancy and will be happy to send you full details after an initial telephone discussion. The programme includes some serious marketing backing and support to help you get started.

I look forward to giving you more inside information on how it could work for you!

Call me, Bill Loryman, Senior Partner on 01327 340408.