And at the same time earn extra fees for your practice?

We believe very passionately that Accountants are in the best position to offer growth advice on the options available to their clients. They are trusted by Company owners to help them look after and manage their finances.

Yet many sit on the sidelines, number crunching, “bean counting” and are only reactive to the challenges their clients face after the accounts are completed and the business year has passed. They are hardly ever pro-active and miss the opportunity to become a more valued and trusted advisor and to earn extra, profitable consultancy fees. (If you don’t earn from them – someone else will!).

There are at least 12 options for growth, some can take a long time to recoup the investment and actually reduce cash flow and increase costs and risks. Others can give a fast payback and be self funding after 6 months. Which options are best for your clients? How can you advise which is the right and most profitable option?

With our training, support and guidance package you will be able to advise on the right choice, at the right time and in the most profitable way. You will be able to charge the right daily fees with the confidence to know you are giving the best help and advice. Look at the features of our training course.

  • Have a look at our DVD on Channel 4 filmed for the Accountancy profession
    “Can Franchising be a Success?”  Watch Video (opens in separate page).
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  • Look at the features of our licensed training and support package, all designed to
    “help you help your clients”

We feel very strongly that this training course will help you grow your own business and ensure that you both win new clients and retain your own, in the face of ever growing competition and the challenge of the new rules affecting company audits.

Ring me, Bill Loryman, Senior Partner, on 01327 340408 for a discussion and more inside information on just how much extra fee income this could generate for your practice and how your investment in training will pay for itself many times over.