Would you enjoy helping companies of all shapes and sizes profitably grow their businesses?


that there are at least 10 ways to grow a company and that all have different challenges in terms of time, effort and cost? Some can take a long time to re-coup their investment, can actually reduce cash flow and increase risks. Others can give a fast payback and be self funding after 6 months.

Deciding the right option, at the right time and at the right cost is how we help companies grow. Using our initial free Business Growth Audit we are able to help them understand how ready they are for expansion and help them choose the most profitable and timely growth option.


Because with our training and support package you will be able to offer them a really valuable and useful consultancy service. When we meet I will tell you about my 20 years of Expansion Consultancy. I have never had to advertise for clients. I work 10 Р12 days a month with clients I like helping and regularly earn £70k+ with a seriously good family lifestyle. I will share with you inside knowledge on all the add-ons that I earn fees from.


When you meet new clients you will need:

  • Evidence of consulting success (we were established in 1991)
  • Proven ways of identifying opportunities with new clients
  • Proven consultancy tools, processes and templates
  • The right training and support from Head Office
  • The ability to build lasting relationships
  • Your personal integrity and credibility and willingness to learn

We have the first four in place; do you have the last two? Please give me a ring for an informal, no obligation discussion. I will be able to help you think through the joys (and challenges!) of working with The Equitas Group and whether Business Expansion Consultancy is right for you.

Have a look around the website, see our client list and some of the DVD’s we have produced for clients. In particular have a look at the Television Educational Network DVD below, filmed by Channel 4 for the Accountancy Profession entitled – “Can Franchising be a Success?” This DVD has opened many doors for us and will continue to do so.

When we talk I will give you more details on our guaranteed lead generating system that we will set up for you in the first 3 months.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Filmed on Channel 4 for the Accountancy Profession
“Can Franchising Be A Success?”