Since the launch of Dial a Dog Wash franchise 3 years ago, Andy and Helen James have now sold over 120 franchises, including a Master Licence in Northern Ireland, and rapid European expansion. At the last national conference, the franchisees all showed their satisfaction at having bought a Dial a Dog Wash franchise. They have regular, cash paying customers, repeat business and some very clean and happy dogs!

Several franchisees now have multi-van operations and one franchisee has publicly declared he will be the first £1,000,000 mobile dog washing business.

We set up the franchise opportunity, the Legal Agreement, the marketing materials, and produced the Operations Manual. In the early days recruitment of franchisees was a challenge, as at each initial meeting Andy had to wash the same dog (who was getting a bit upset I can tell you!) To solve the problem and to really put the sizzle into selling Dial a Dog Wash franchises, we planned and organised a DVD – “A day in the life of a Dial a Dog Wash Franchisee”. We supervised and produced the filming and editing, as well as conducting interviews with satisfied customers. Later we filmed franchisees at the national conference. This DVD has proved a tremendous success, and demonstrates our ability to create powerful and effective marketing tools to help franchisors attract suitable franchisees to their business.

Dial A Dogwash Promotional Video

The largest and fastest growing, independent Lawncare Company in the UK.

They have 9 vans, half a million turnover with 3,000 customers who re-book their service time and time again.

They have a number of competitors, especially Green Thumb who have now sold over 170 franchises. We have helped them be ready for recruiting by designing and writing their recruitment DVD. It helps prospective franchisees actually meet and hear about the owners of the business before they meet.

This is an excellent way to establish trust and respect and will certainly help TopGrass achieve their vision of expanding nationally through franchising.

TopGrass Promotional Video

Freddie Raynor has now sold nearly 200 franchises in the cleaning industry, covering domestic cleaning, oven cleaning and Bone Dry carpet cleaning. We are proud to have helped Freddie start and launch this most successful franchise business.